Not a Member of Restaurant Depot, NO PROBLEM:

You can go online or have one of our team members assist you in getting your FREE Restaurant Depot Membership. Click Here to fill out their form) or call us at 1-888-388-QUIK (7845)

Curious of Pricing on Restaurant Depot’s products:

Along with Restaurant Depot’s transparency in pricing, we follow their commitment to the client by displaying and offering same prices on all products.  We charge a fee for the service and delivery we are offering. Nothing more, nothing less. We do not add on any hidden fees.  WE DO NOT MARK UP ANY OF Restaurant Depot’s PRODUCTS.  To see rates – Click Here

Out of stock items:

According to Restaurant Depot their products are typically not out of stock for longer than 24 hours. Our team will contact your P.I.C.O.O.(person in charge of ordering) with an alternate suggestion, or we will send the product to you when it arrives.

Types of products from Restaurant Depot:

This is where we get the most excited. Some people simply don’t know that Restaurant Depot offers some of the best products in the market and can go toe to toe against any competitor. I bet you didn’t know they even include local and organic products.

Return policy:

All products are fully refundable. You have 30 days to return non-perishables and 72 hours for perishables.

Hours of Operation:

Orders placed between 8am – 4PM will be delivered by 4pm the next day. 
Orders place after 4PM will be processed for the following day 
24 Hour Delivery does not apply to all routes – call your team member for more information